Hvid dværg. Foto: NASA
16. July 2020

Astronomers connect white dwarfs as primary source of carbon in the Milky Way

An international research team has analyzed the carbon content of white dwarfs from galaxy clusters in the Milky Way. The results shed new light on…

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3. February 2020

Other January News in Brief

New research from CellPAT, CeMiSt and Morten Bennedsen; TED talk about the death and birth of stars with Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz; critically acclaimed anthology originates from…

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Horses in nature. Credit: Ludovic Orlando/CGG
3. June 2019

Other May News in Brief

Professor Elvira Brattico from MIB in BBC podcast on sound At this year’s international science festival in Gothenburg, Professor Elvira Brattico, from the Center of…

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Quantum Kate. Animation: Quantum Rascals/the University of Southern Denmark.
1. November 2018

Other October News in Brief

Rubina Raja finishes tour as Kershaw Lecturer DNRF head of center Rubina Raja, from the Center for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet), has recently finished a…

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Photo: Niels Bohr Professor Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
28. November 2017

Double inauguration in the light of colliding stars

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz inaugurated his Niels Bohr Professorship and former DNRF center leader, Jens Hjorth, inaugurated his Villum Investigator Grant with talks and a reception at…

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2. February 2017

Here are the six new Niels Bohr Professors

The following six highly recognized researchers have been invited to contract negotiations with the DNRF: Niels Bohr Professor: Rita Felski, University of Virginia Uses of Literature:…

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