30. April 2020

People with Mental Disorders at Higher Risk of Developing Physical Illnesses

Women with anxiety are approximately 50 percent more likely to develop a heart condition or suffer a stroke. This is just one of many results…

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Niels bohr Professor John McGrath taler i andledningen af, at han modtager the Lieber Prize af The Brain and Behaviour Foundation
12. December 2019

The DNRF Niels Bohr Professor John McGrath receives international prize for schizophrenia research

Professor John McGrath recently received the Lieber Prize for his research on schizophrenia, research that was partially conducted as part of his Niels Bohr Professorship…

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Logo, John McGrath Niels Bohr Professorship
25. October 2019

New study from McGrath’s Niels Bohr Professorship in the Lancet: Mentally ill die many years earlier than others

PRESS RELEASE: New research from Aarhus BSS confirms that people with mental disorders have an increased risk of premature mortality. When compared to the general…

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The image shows a graphic overview of the links between the 10 overall types of mental disorders.
17. January 2019

New large register study maps connection between mental disorders

Post-doc Oleguer Plana-Ripoll is overseeing a new large population study that is mapping the links between mental disorders and, for the first time, is providing…

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Professor John McGrath.
12. December 2018

Newborns with vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia later in life

The DNRF’s Niels Bohr Professor John McGrath, from the University of Queensland, Australia and Aarhus University, Denmark, led a study that found how newborns with…

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22. December 2017

Niels Bohr Professor John McGrath receives the Erik Strömgren medal

Research into brain development and schizophrenia has led to international acclaim for Niels Bohr Professor, John McGrath. The British professor received the Erik Strömgren Medal…

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