Billede af DG's publikation "Nysgerrighed beriger samfundet" i trykt format.
1. September 2021

DNRF publication highlights research’s usefulness to society from a new perspective

Does society benefit when its country’s smartest citizens spend many years, and often a lot of money, going down new roads in search of understanding…

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Billede af universet
28. December 2020

Other December News in Brief

Researchers from CeMist develop new biosensor; Ph.D. student from IDUN receives award;  Big breakthrough from Hy-Q with new quantum science; Two members of the DNRF’s Niels Bohr…

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The image shows light particles during the meeting with atoms while they pass through a glass fiber.
16. October 2020

New quantum optics experiment converts laser light to isolated photons

A new quantum optics experiment might end up being of crucial importance when it comes to safer treatments of information and regarding the research of…

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Figur fra CEH's forskning
30. September 2020

Other September News in Brief

Two ERC Starting Grants go to researchers affiliated with the DNRF; researchers from CHEAC lead a study published in Nature Materials; researchers from CEH publish…

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Billedet viser
23. September 2020

Two Centers of Excellence receives a large grant for the development of quantum simulators

One of quantum technology’s biggest investments, the quantum computer, is expected to be able to solve complex problems in a wide range of disciplines, including…

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Billedet viser en computerskærm med koder. Foto: Florian Olivo/Unsplash.
10. March 2020

Hy-Q leads quantum project that aims to develop unhackable encryption

Researchers from the DNRF Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, will head a new research project with…

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På billedet ses de tre Hy-Q-forskere bag studiet: Ph.D.-studerende Junxin Chen og Massimiliano Rossi fra Hy-Q står på hver deres side af Postdoc David Mason, der er førsteforfatter på studiet
4. June 2019

Hy-Q-researchers bring new standard for precision in quantum measurements

For more than 50 years, quantum researchers have tried to push the so-called SQL limit for precision in sensitive quantum measurements. Now, a research team…

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The picture shows the research team behind the quantum component from Hy-Q. From left: Camille Papon, Leonardo Midolo and Xiaoyan Zhou.
30. April 2019

Minuscule quantum component developed by Hy-Q is a giant step in quantum technology

Researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) at the University of Copenhagen have led the development of a microscopic quantum component called…

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Quantum Flagship logo
27. November 2018

Heads of centers are part of big new EU Quantum Flagship

Last month, the EU’s big new research initiative Quantum Flagship was launched. Two DNRF heads of centers from the Technical University of Denmark and the…

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12. November 2018

Researchers from Hy-Q solve central problem in quantum physics

Professor Albert Schliesser is the team leader for a research team at the DNRF’s Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) that, with the help of…

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Bestyrelsesformand Liselotte Højgaard og centerleder Peter Lodahl giver hånd ved åbningsceremonien for grundforskningscenteret Hy-Q.
21. September 2018

Inauguration of Hy-Q – Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks

Monday, September 17 was the day of the official opening of the DNRF center Hy-Q, headed by Professor Peter Lodahl at the Niels Bohr Institute,…

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