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5. January 2019

Four researchers with a connection to the DNRF receive Sapere Aude grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Recently, 34 researchers received the good news that they will become Sapere Aude research leaders, with grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Four of…

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1. October 2018

Other News in Brief from September

New research report from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science The Danish National Research Foundation, together with the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Innovation…

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22. June 2018

BASP study reveals hitherto unknown cause behind bacteria’s dormancy

Head of center Kenn Gerdes, together with post-docs Mohammad Roghanian and Kristoffer Skovbo Winther from the Center for Bacterial Stress and Persistence (BASP), has revealed…

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13. March 2018

Volcanic swamps on Iceland are a microbiological war zone

Researchers have discovered an anti CRISPR-protein for the first time in the constant battle between microorganisms in boiling hot pools on Iceland. Professor Xu Peng…

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