12. May 2023

The DNRF’s Annual Report 2022

The annual report 2022 of the Danish National Research Foundation is now available and can be downloaded below.

In the report, you can read about the DNRF’s activities and finances, including:

  • Main 2022 news from the foundation (see excerpts below).
  • The 11 new Centers of Excellence.
  • Two new pioneer centers focusing on a green transition within agriculture and power-to-X.
  • New DNRF Chair grants, attracting talents from abroad.
  • The annual DNRF photo competition.

The Nobel Prize to former center leader Morten Meldal (October 2022)

Morten Meldal had been the center leader of the DNRF Center for Solid-phase Organic Combinatorial Chemistry (SPOCC) for five years when he published the paper for which he would receive the Nobel Prize 20 years later.

Following the announcement of his Nobel Prize, Meldal pointed out that “the freedom that comes with the DNRF grants was essential to allow us to follow the clue that ultimately led to the click reaction.”

NATO Quantum Technology Center (April 2022)

In April 2022, it was announced that Denmark had won its bid for a NATO center for quantum technology and that the center would be located at the Niels Bohr Institute. Over the past several years Denmark has built up very strong capacities in research and innovation in quantum science, much of which has been in the form of DNRF Centers of Excellence.

Since 2009, the DNRF has awarded grants to five core quantum centers and several additional centers that also conduct research in quantum science, with a total allocation well beyond 400 mio. DKK.


Download the Danish National Research Foundation's Annual Report 2022 here:

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