13. October 2023

New look for dg.dk

You may have noticed that the visual appearance of dg.dk has changed. The site has been redesigned. Among other things, we have added a new color and changed the navigation to make it more user-friendly.

“We have wanted for a long time to make it easier for our users to navigate on dg.dk with a more logical structure. And I hope we have succeeded with this new version of the site,” said the DNRF’s communications manager, Lotte Ladegaard Zeuthen.

“In addition, our goal is that the new design reflects, to a greater extent, the fact that we are an innovative and visionary foundation that, through grants, develops talent and produces knowledge that contributes decisively to the development of society.”

We hope that you like dg.dk and find navigation on our website clear and simple, so that you can easily find what you are looking for on the site.


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