6. January 2020

Other December News in Brief

In this month’s Other News in Brief, you can read about an article on PERSIMUNE in the news media Dagens Medicin, a DNRF debate article on risk-taking in Altinget Research, Lundbeck Foundation grants for two former heads of DNRF centers, and infrastructure grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to two current heads of centers.


The DNRF’s Chair and CEO debate risk-taking in research at Altinget.dk

“The Danish National Research Foundation has experience that a solid, long-term research system characterized by freedom, trust and commitment in itself will give rise to more risk-taking when it is based on innovative and outstanding researchers,” said DNRF director Søren-Peter Olesen, in a debate on risk-taking research at Altinget.  This is part of a debate essay about risk-taking in research at Altinget.dk, written by the DNRF chair, Jens Kehlet Nørskov, and the DNRF CEO, Søren-Peter Olesen.

Read the full text here at Altinget.dk (in Danish)


The Danish healthcare news medium Dagens Medicin writes about PERSIMUNE

The news medium Dagens Medicin has published an article on the data tools being developed partly in the DNRF research center PERSIMUNE, which is led by Professor Jens Lundgren at Rigshospitalet. The tool, which is based on extensive patient data and artificial intelligence, has also required a great deal of effort from a large team of researchers. The method is now ready for general use in the hospital system and can, for instance, reveal unprecedented links between illnesses, side effects, and symptoms, and, in the long run, help to create much more personal patient care and treatments.

Read more about the research at PERSIMUNE and the tool at Dagens Medicin here (in Danish)


Two former heads of centers become Lundbeck Foundation professors

Two former DNRF heads of centers, Professor Poul Nissen and Professor Leif Østergaard, have been awarded a Lundbeck Foundation professorship. In total, 232 million DKK has been awarded to six leading Danish brain scientists. Nissen, who was head of center at the DNRF center PUMPkin and who is also a principal investigator in the current DNRF center PROMEMO, will receive 40 million DKK over a six-year grant period, as will Professor Østergaard, who was head of center at the DNRF center CFIN.

Further information can be found at the Lundbeck Foundation here

Read more at Aarhus University here


Two DNRF heads of centers at DTU receive grants for infrastructure from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Professor Lone Gram, head of the DNRF center CeMiSt at DTU, and Professor Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen, head of the DNRF center HYPERMAG at DTU, have both recently received infrastructure grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Gram has been granted DKK 13.7 million to develop a technology platform that can be used to investigate the use of microorganisms as a substitute for antibiotics and pesticides. Ardenkjær-Larsen has received a grant of DKK 14 million to develop an infrastructure called HyperNMR, which can, among other things, lead to better diagnosis and follow-up of diseases.

Find more information about the grants and projects at DTU here

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