20. November 2017

Inauguration of the Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) headed by Professor Susanne Mandrup

The official opening of the Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) took place on November 6, 2017 at the University of Southern Denmark.

The center is led by Professor Susanne Mandrup. In a collaboration between researchers at the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital, the center’s research will produce knowledge about how cell types in liver and adipose tissue change their capacity and control the tissues during the development of obesity.

Read the SDU news article about the center opening here (Danish)

The chair of the foundation’s board, Liselotte Højgaard, congratulated Mandrup and the entire ATLAS team on the new center and characterized the center’s research as “based on a fantastic idea and staffed with brilliant scientists the center has the potential to do great science.”




Vice Chancellor, Henrik Dam, then congratulated the center on receiving the grant from the DNRF. Dam emphasized that ATLAS will contribute with important research within its research area and asked everyone to rise and give ATLAS a standing ovation.

Other talks were given by Dean Martin Zacchariasen, Dean Ole Skøtt, Head of Department Jakob Møller Jensen, and Professor Søren Kragh Moestrup. The program also included a musical performance by the jazz band See You Soon Raccoon.

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