30. November 2017

Five researchers affiliated with DNRF Centers of Excellence receive a Sapere Aude Grant

The Sapere Aude: IRFD Research Leader Grant aims to give brilliant, younger scientists the possibility to explore and work on important research ideas. The target group is especially talented and younger researchers that are ready to lead a research project with multiple participants on a high international level. At the latest founding round, five researchers connected to the Danish National Research Foundation were chosen to receive grants at the amount of 4-6 mill. DKK.

Read more about the Sapere Aude initiative here.

The grants are given within the framework of the Council’s Sapere Aude program, which is meant to give prominent researchers in Denmark the very best conditions to create essential new results with their research. The DNRF are happy that the five lecturers and professors, that are connected to a Center of Excellence, get the possibility to start even more excellent research.

Follow the link below and read more about the five professors and lecturers, that have received the Sapere Aude Talent Grant:

  • Lars Grøntved, lector at Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue (ATLAS), SDU
  • Martin Andreasen, lector at Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series (CREATES), AU
  • Martin Bremholm, assisting professor at Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC), AU
  • Morten Erik Allentoft, assisting professor at Center for GeoGenetics (AGE), KU
  • Victor Silva Aguirre, assisting professor at Center for Stellar Astrophysics, AU

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