Et billede fra en konference. Foto: Ola Jakup Joensen, NB Institutet

Concept – DNRF Center Conferences

DNRF Center Conferences

The DNRF Center Conference initiative was started in 2018 and is intended for new Centers of Excellence. The conferences are organized jointly by the Danish National Research Foundation and the centers and funded by the foundation.

The idea behind the Center Conferences is to gather leading international scientists within the centers’ research fields to discuss the foremost challenges and to form a basis for collaboration and the exchange of Ph.D. students and post-docs.

The conferences are conducted as two-day meetings, typically within the first one or two years of the centers’ existence, and with ample time for interaction and networking between participants. The number of attendees is typically around 80-90 and participation is normally free.

You can find information on upcoming as well as past Center Conferences in the top menu.

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