Various photos and figures that give an impression of the research on SPOC

Center for Silicon Photonics For Optical Communications (SPOC)

Center leader:

Professor Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe


2015 - 2025

Application round:

8th Round

Host institution(s)

Technical University of Denmark


59.0M DKK

This research centre addresses the optical communication infrastructures of the future.

In an interdisciplinary approach, relying on physics, nonlinear optics, photonic communication technologies, information theory and advanced coding, we aim to find solutions to the major challenges of communication systems—the energy consumption and potential capacity.

We will explore:

  • Optical signal processing in photonic wires for orders of magnitude improvements in bandwidth and energy efficiency, and conduct fundamental research on optical silicon chips and integration technologies addressing ultimate-capacity optical communications
  • Spatially distributed data transmission for orders of magnitude higher data densities
  • Information and coding theory for optimum spectral-efficiency
  • Frequency comb generation for light sources and for unprecedented ultra-precise optical clocks and frequency references
  • Future quantum communication channels with impenetrable security.

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