The Foundation regularly produces publications about the results of its investments. Some of these publications are printed, while all are added to the website.

Most of the publications however, are only available in Danish. Please shift to the Danish website for a full list of accessible publications in Danish.

Currently, the following publications are available in English:

The Danish National Research Foundation 1991-2016

The Post-doc Challenge

Curiosity pays off – a presentation of eight Centers of Excellence whose groundbreaking research has engendered a significant commercial activity

Publication on 20 years of excellent research

Reaching for the Stars – the DNRF brochure about the foundation

Information about the Danish National Research Foundation 2007

Working Paper: Research and Development in Denmark 2005

16 new centres

Evaluation of the Danish National Research Foundation Centres of Excellence, 2003

12 new Centers of Excellence, 2014

Getting all Talents in Play, 2014

You will need an Acrobat Reader to access the documents. You may download this program free of charge here.