Electromicrobiology – from electrons to ecosystems (afholdt)

Electromicrobiology – from electrons to ecosystems (21-22 March, 2019)

It is becoming evident that very many microorganisms in different environments have evolved capacity for extracellular electron exchange, either beyond the outer membrane or through the periplasmic continuum of multicellular bacteria. This capacity allows them to exchange electrons with one another, to exploit electron acceptors and donors that are distantly located or cannot pass the cell envelope, or to form harmful products outside. The aim of this conference is to capture recent developments in electromicrobiology and discuss the implications at the cellular, community, and ecosystem level. What processes, structures, and mechanisms have been identified and with what degree of certainty? What are the implications for the way we understand, describe, and investigate microbial cells, communities, and biogeochemical processes?

The conference is convened by Danish National Research Foundation, Center for Electromicrobiology and Aarhus University.

Information about the scientific programme, registration and practical information can be found here.