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On this page, you may find the foundation’s press releases.


The DNRF launches a Danish-Indian Collaboration Program

A priority of the Danish-Indian Collaboration Program is mobility and knowledge circulation between international researchers of high standing from India and Denmark. The Danish National Research Foundation has reserved up to 50 million DKK for the new Danish-Indian Collaboration Program.

Public-sector research councils and foundations adopt Open Access policy

Scientists must publish their research results so that everybody may freely read and benefit from them. That is the aim of a new Open Access policy by Danish public sector foundations and councils.

A brain gain of 165 M DKK

The assessment of the Niels Bohr Professorship proposals is completed and it is decided to establish six new Niels Bohr Professorships affiliated at Danish Institutions.


11 new Centers of Excellence

585 mil DKK will be invested in 11 new Centers of Excellence that will set the stage for outstanding ideas and visionary research.

Seven successes

The Danish National Research Foundation has recently decided to extend seven Centers of Excellence established in 2007. This decision follows a thorough mid-term evaluation during which the centers were scrutinized by several international experts.


Niels Bohr professor is awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Professor Dale T. Mortensen, who shares the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences with two colleagues, has, since 2006, been a Niels Bohr visiting pro-fessor at Aarhus University on a five-year grant from the Danish National Re-search Foundation.

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