Danish-Chinese Research Centers

Danish-Chinese Center for the Theory of Interactive Computation
Danish leader:Professor Peter Bro Miltersen
Danish institution:Aarhus University
Chinese institution:Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Institution in China:ITCS, Tsinghua University
Funding period:2011 - 2017
Funding in total:24,9 mill. DKK

CTIC is commited to basic research in the area of the theory of computation. The theory of computation is a mathematical discipline making the foundations for the information technology of the future. The research of the center will focus on four subareas that all includes interaction between computational agents as a central concept: computational complexity theory, cryptology, quantum informatics, and algorithmic game theory.

Not only will the research revolve around interactive computation – the research itself will be highly interactive and based on a firm and ongoing collaboration between ITCS (Institute of Theoretical Computer Science) at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the theory of computation groups at Aarhus University.

Both institutions are highly esteemed centers of theoretical computer science. In the case of Tsinghua University, Turing Prize winner Professor Andy Yao has put ITCS on the map by initiating what is probably the best elite undergraduate program in the world within the area of the theory of computation. This program is enabled in part by a supreme team of “chair professors” within theory of computation, in particular from the US and Israel, who all make regular visits to Tsinghua, enriching the research as well as the educational environment. In the case of Aarhus University, the esteemed status is to a high degree a consequence of the Danish National Research Foundation’s former involvement in the Center of Excellence and PhD School BRICS that in the period 1994-2004 took theory of computation research in Aarhus to new heights. Theory of computation is a discipline where the most important tools are paper, pencil, whiteboard and markers – and minds. Thus, the allocated funds will be used mainly to bring brights minds from the two institutions together and thereby helping especially the younger bright minds to shine even brighter. For this purpose, the elite undergraduate program at Tsinghua and the elite PhD program at Aarhus make a perfect fit.

Danish-Chinese Center for IDEA4CPS: Foundations for Cyber-Physical Systems
Danish leader:Professor Kim Guldstrand Larsen
Danish institution:Aalborg University
Chinese institution:Professor Huibiao Zhu
Institution in China:East China Normal University
Funding period:2011 - 2017
Funding in total:24,4 mill. DKK