Application for a three-year grant extension

The DNRF and NSFC have decided that the centers have the possibility of extension into a second funding period, which, together with the first funding period, adds up to six years of funding.

The application rounds will follow the establishment of the centers within the four themes. The deadlines for submission are follows:

  • Cancer research – Spring 2011
  • Nanotechnology – Fall 2011
  • Renewable Energy – Summer 2012
  • ICT – Spring 2013

Applications for a grant extension written by the responsible Chinese principal investigator and the responsible Danish principal investigator are to be sent simultaneously to the NSFC and the DNRF. The final NSFC/DNRF decisions are based on mutual agreement between the two foundations.

Added value, complementarity, and the exchange of researchers

The criteria for assessing the applications for extension will emerge from the thematically organized calls. The decision will be based on the submitted application for extension as a continuance of the research plan from the first funding period. The board will consider the center’s activity in the current funding period as well as the prospects for a second three-year funding period.

The DNRF board will consider the importance of the added value of the joint Chinese-Danish collaboration and the degree of complementarity between the involved research groups. Also important is the degree to which both the Chinese and the Danish partners of the centers have satisfactorily engaged in the exchange of scientists as well as visiting researchers and Ph.D. students.