Morten Overgaard Ravn (Vice Chair)

I joined the board of the DNRF in 2016 and serve as its deputy chairman. I have been extremely impressed by the quality, efficiency and professionalism of the DNRF organization. The DNRF’s reputation is second to none, and it has been a role model for many other research funders in Europe. It is a privilege to be a member of the board, but it also comes with a deep sense of responsibility on behalf of Danish research, education and society in general. The DNRF has funded fundamental research since 1991, and it has been one of the main drivers behind Denmark’s tremendous record in producing path-breaking research for the good of humanity.

Working on the board is exciting, and I have learned a lot from meeting world-class researchers in Denmark and becoming familiar with their endeavours in pushing the frontiers of research and knowledge. There is an amazing array of human capital in Denmark, and it is my hope that the DNRF will continue to contribute to Danish science and society for many years to come by making smart and informed decisions about the allocation of its funds.

I am a professor of economics at University College London. I am also currently a joint managing editor of the Economic Journal, and I have served on the Council of the European Economic Association and on the Executive Committee of the Royal Economic Society.