30. September 2022

First network retreat for younger research talents

“I hope this will be around every year,” said Elena Papaleo on her way out from hotel Comwell in Snekkersten. Elena is in the middle…

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16. September 2022

The University of Southern Denmark receives the 10th DNRF Chair grant focusing on social mobility

Are Scandinavian countries really better at breaking the cycle of social inheritance? And how much can society change its level of social mobility? These are…

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19. August 2022

Two sides of the same coin – Greenland in a future climate

While the European heat wave dries out the river beds and sets forests on fire, the sea ice at the North Pole is melting, giving…

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11. August 2022

Are the scientists ready for FAIR data?

This year’s annual publication from the DNRF offers a peek into researchers’ views and experiences regarding digitization and FAIR data use. In other words, it…

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23. June 2022

A journey toward alien stars and planets

At the end of June, our DNRF Center for Stellar Astrophysics (SAC) will close after ten years of groundbreaking research in astrophysics. The head of…

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8. June 2022

The Queen of Denmark visits the Center for Proteins in Memory (PROMEMO)

Last week, Queen Margrethe II visited our DNRF research center PROMEMO to learn more about the center’s research in molecular neurobiology. The Queen of Denmark…

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7. June 2022

The DNRF invests 625 mil. DKK in 11 new Centers of Excellence

The board of the Danish National Research Foundation has decided to support the establishment of 11 new DNRF Centers of Excellence. The Centers of Excellence…

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3. June 2022

New pioneer center will pave the way for the green transition in agriculture

Denmark’s second pioneer center, the Pioneer Center for Landscape Research in Sustainable Agricultural Futures (Land-CRAFT), aims to gain knowledge about the possibilities of reducing greenhouse…

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2. June 2022

Gathered for the first time at a conference in Copenhagen

The Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis (CHEAC) held a two-day conference in May at which some of the best scientists working with high-entropy alloys*…

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13. May 2022

A Superpower Material Scientist

This year, Professor Antti-Pekka Jauho celebrates his 40th anniversary as a researcher in Denmark and continues as professor emeritus. He has a long, impressive career…

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12. May 2022

New book about legal studies in International Courts and International Law

Today, Professor Mikael Rask Madsen’s colleagues celebrate his ten years as research leader of iCourts – Centre of Excellence for International Courts – and his…

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4. May 2022

The Danish Science Festival 2022 – At a glance

This year’s Danish Science Festival 2022 just closed after a week with a wide range of events in which several of our research centers took…

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2. May 2022

Some of the best minds of quantum science gathered in Copenhagen

Last week, researchers from all over the world gathered at the Carlsberg Academy in Copenhagen to debate quantum information science at the Center for Macroscopic…

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7. April 2022

Read the DNRF’s Annual Report 2021

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2021 has now been published and can be found below. In the report, you can read about: the…

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2. April 2022

The picture of a contaminated cross-section sample wins 3rd prize in the DNRF’s Photo Competition 2022

The winner of the third prize in the DNRF’s Photo Competition 2022 is the picture of a cross-section of a sample with different super-lattice structures…

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