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Marked application material in frontier research

Frontier research remarkably often gives rise to application and commercialization activities, and it is precisely the launch pad in original and ground-breaking research that creates the possibilities.

Read our new publication about how curiosity driven research has led to application and commercialization.

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Download the eight examples of commercialization activities at our centers:

Fluorescent tubes may bring fresh fruit to Denmark

Molecules can prevent cancer tumors from growing

New technology prevents toxins from reaching plant seeds

Combating the consequences of climate change

One water sample is all it takes to determine the biodiversity in a lake or an ocean

Research – a matter of life or death

Frontier research gives new companies a unique advantage

Textiles of the past inspire today’s designers

The eight stories are just some of the examples of the commercialization activities that take place at the centers. Read also the article by Jesper Wengel from the foundation’s publication on research supported by the foundation:

Innovations originate in scientific freedom and courage

The foundation cooperates with Videnskab.dk on bringing articles about research supported by the foundation. Read the first article on Center for Insoluble Protein Structures (inSPIN):

Protein-analysis: Frontier research with community use, Center for Insoluble Protein Structures (in Danish)