Centre for Star and Planet Formation (STARPLAN)


Center leader:

Professor Martin Bizzarro


2009 - 2019

Application round:

6th Round

Host institution(s)

University of Copenhagen


82.4M DKK


As far as we know, our solar system is unique. It could, in principle, be the only planetary system in the universe to harbor life. As such, attempting to reconstruct its history is one of the most fundamental pursuits in the natural sciences.

But the breadth of expertise required to develop a unified model of solar system formation is not available within any individual field of universe science.

A complete understanding of solar system formation can only be achieved through synergistic interactions between the fields cosmochemistry, astrophysics and astronomy.

Research activities

The goal of the center is to provide observational and theoretical constraints that will help unravel the early history of our solar system.

The hope is to understand the circumstances that allowed for the formation of the terrestrial planets in our solar system, including the preservation of water worlds like Earth, where life has been thriving for nearly 4 billion years.

The objectives will be achieved by integrating high-precision isotope studies of meteorites with stellar evolution theory, astrophysical models and astronomical observations.

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