Center on Autobiographical Memory Research (CON AMORE)

Center On Autobiographical Memory Research – CON AMORE – is hosted by the Department of Psychology, Aarhus University and directed by Professor Dorthe Berntsen.

Autobiographical memory is the ability to remember events from the personal past and imagine possible events in the personal future.

The aim is to study autobiographical memory from a biological to a cultural level, from infants to old people, in healthy people as well as in clinical disorders.

Key projects are:

  • The examination of voluntary and involuntary autobiographical memory
  • The study of cultural-cognitive structures in the organization of subjective time
  • The study of the development of autobiographical memory in infancy and childhood, in relation to language development and cultural schemata for time
  • The study of dysfunctional effects of autobiographical memory in prominent clinical disorders, notably involuntary remembering of stressful events in PTSD, and impaired autobiographical memory in traumatic brain injury

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