Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC)


Center leader:

Professor Bo Brummerstedt Iversen


2010 - 2019

Application round:

6th Round

Host institution(s)

University of Aarhus


105.1M DKK

Research at the Center for Materials Crystallography aims at increasing the understanding of the molecular interactions that govern the structure of crystalline materials, and thereby to understand their physical and chemical properties laws of nature that are responsible for arranging the basic atomic structure of solid materials.

For example, there will be a focus on the structure of magnetic crystals irradiated with UV light, so-called photo-excited structures, with a view to developing new materials for storing data.

Another project is concerned with making “live” recordings of the way nanocrystals are formed and grow out of a chemical reaction. This will aid the design of functional nanomaterials for such things as solar cells, the batteries of the future, thermoelectric materials, fuel cells and catalysts.

The scientists also hope to improve our understanding of the way molecules interact when they spontaneously form organised structures – the so-called self-assembly phenomenon. And much more.


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