Center for Quantum Devices (QDev)


Center leader:

Professor Karsten Flensberg


2012 - 2023

Application round:

7th Round

Host institution(s)

University of Copenhagen


111,3 M DKK

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The Center for Quantum Devices studies how to create, control, measure, and protect quantum coherence and entanglement in solid-state electronic devices.

The miniaturization and scaling of modern electronics, yielding billions of transistors on a chip, has a quantum analog in which quantum states of transistors are made to interact, and hence become entangled, with the specificity of a computer algorithm.

The general power of such a device to communicate, compute, measure, and simulate physical and chemical systems is unknown. From known examples where entanglement serves as a resource, one can expect rich and surprising phenomena to emerge from such a device, reflecting the large space of quantum states compared to the number of classical states.

Once entanglement is brought under control and becomes a resource, the technological harvest has the potential to revolutionize communication, information processing, and simulation of quantum mechanical systems from novel superconducting materials to biomolecules.

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