Center for International Courts (iCourts)


Center leader:

Professor Mikael Rask Madsen


2012 - 2022

Application round:

7th Round

Host institution(s)

University of Copenhagen


70.0M DKK

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iCourts explores the proliferation of international courts over the last decades and its causes and consequences.

The center is particularly focused on the role of international courts in a globalizing legal order and their impact on politics and society.

What can be observed is a striking trend towards establishing international courts in major areas of human and political life:

the economy, in terms of global trade regulation; freedom, in terms of international human rights; and punishment, in terms of international criminal law. And all enforced by specialized international courts.

These are areas of regulation once essentially associated with the state and national policy. Now, they are increasingly the subject of global regulation and the jurisdiction of an ever growing number of international courts.

iCourts’ research will be focused on these critical questions of current – and future – international law and society.

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