Center for GeoGenetics (CGG)


Center leader:

Professor Eske Willerslev


2009 - 2019

Application round:

6th Round

Host institution(s)

University of Copenhagen


100.4M DKK

Ancient DNA research has progressed from the retrieval of short fragments of DNA from bones to large-scale studies of ancient populations, past ecosystems and even whole nuclear genomic sequences. The Center for Geogenetics has positioned itself in the technological forefront of all this. By sequencing the Saqqaq genome AGE were the first to map the complete nuclear genome from an ancient human.

Through a multidisciplinary team, novel methodologies and the access to highly unique specimens and sampling sites, the center intend to re-address some of the most highly debated scientific topics in the past decades – carefully chosen in a strong belief, that ancient DNA research can provide fundamentally new insight. Or even shift current paradigms. The topics concern the early peopling of the Americas, Late Quaternary megafauna extinctions, human migrations into the Arctic northern extremes as well as climate and environmental changes in the polar regions.

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