New Applications – CoE

The assessment of new Centers of Excellence involve a two-stage application process. In the first stage, prospective center leaders are invited to submit letters of interest with short outline proposals. These proposals are processed by the board alone. In the second stage, applicants submit full applications that are thoroughly scrutinized by a set of international experts in the field.

The reviewing panels

The DNRF will send full applications to three international (foreign) high-level experts within the relevant scientific area(s) for external peer review. The reviewers should be true peers and therefore should possess at least the same international standing as the applicants. Since our goal is to create centers that we hope will become pivotal within their areas, we believe that applications should be assessed by experts who are able to recognize such potential.

Applicants may submit proposals for three experts of which one may become a member of the reviewer panel. The other two reviewers are chosen according to council from external sources. The foundation itself may also bring reviewers into play.

The foundation uses an open and transparent process. Reviewers and applicants know each other’s identity. Applicants are given an opportunity to comment on the composition of the review panel and, in addition, can comment on the reviews prior to the board’s final decision.

Assessment criteria

Each reviewer is asked to deliver a report of three to five pages addressing a number of crucial questions. The reviewer should address the quality of the center’s research and research activities in general, as well as a number of more specific questions as stated in the Terms of Reference. Reviewers are not asked to rank or grade the applications.

The foundation emphasizes the following dimensions:

  • The research idea is ambitious and original and has the potential for real scientific breakthroughs in the relevant scientific field(s).
  • The proposed center leader has a high standing in the international scientific community as well as managerial skills.
  • The center includes high-quality personnel in order to establish a creative and dynamic international research environment that will provide an inspirational training ground for young scientists.
  • The focus, structure, and size of the proposed center are such that they set the stage for scientific ventures that are not feasible with conventional funding from other sources

If you accept the task of reviewer

If you kindly accept the task of assessing an application for a new Center of Excellence, we will forward the full proposal comprising approximately 15 pages plus appendices by e-mail, by postal mail, or both, according to your preferences.

In order for us to transfer the honorarium, we need your date of birth (for the Danish tax authorities) and information about your bank (name and address of bank, IBAN account number, and BIC/SWIFT-address).

Contact Senior Adviser Johanne Juhl for more information regarding the assessment process for new Centers of Excellence