New Applications – China

Within the cooperation between the DNRF and NSFC the two foundations will send full applications to four international (foreign) high-level experts within the relevant scientific area(s) for external peer review. The reviewers should be true peers and therefore should possess at least the same international standing as the applicants.

All four reviewers are identified by the DNRF in collaboration with the NSFC. The DNRF and NSFC do not receive advice on identifying potential external peer reviewers from external sources or applicants regarding the review process of the Danish-Chinese research centers.

Selection criteria

When selecting which applications to support, the two foundations will emphasize (not in any order of priority):

  • The scientific quality of the proposal
  • The added value of performing joint research between the research groups involved
  • The degree of complementarity between the research groups in answering the research questions addressed

The review should address the quality of the center’s research and research activities in general, as well as a number of more specific questions as stated in the Terms of Reference.

Review not anonymous

Because the foundation uses an open and transparent review process, the review is not anonymous. Reviewers and applicants will know each other’s identity, and applicants are given an opportunity to comment on the composition of the review panel and, in addition, can comment on the reviews prior to the board’s final decision. We will, however, ask the applicant not to contact reviewers directly.


The foundation is able to offer an honorarium of DKK 3.000 (approximately US$ 500) for your assistance.

In order for us to transfer the honorarium, we need your date of birth (for the Danish tax authorities) and information about your bank (name and address of bank, IBAN account number, and BIC/SWIFT-address).

Contact Research Adviser Johanne Juhl for more information regarding the cooperation between DNRF and NSFC