Mid-term Evaluation

It is a standard procedure of the DNRF to carry out a mid-term evaluation before a center expires. The evaluation provides the DNRF board, the researchers involved, and the institutions with a thorough insight on the center’s performance. Covering both past performance and plans for a possible future funding period, the evaluation also forms part of the board’s decision-making on the future of the center.

The foundation intends to appoint a panel of three experts within the field to conduct the evaluation. It is important that the members of the panel have, besides scientific expertise and status, considerable experience in research management and organization.

Please refer to the Centers of Excellence for further information on the funding instrument.

Written material and site visit

As a reviewer for a mid-term evaluation, you will be provided with written material, including a self-evaluation report, a research proposal for a new four-year funding period, and a selection of publications by the center. The evaluation will also include a site visit to the Danish center.

The panel’s evaluation report will be written at the end of the visit to Denmark (i.e., a one-day site visit and one day for writing the report).

The DNRF will cover all expenses in relation to the visit to Denmark.

Contact Research Adviser Johanne Juhl for more information on the upcomming mid-term evaluation.