Final Evaluation

Before the center expires, it is a standard procedure of the DNRF to conduct a final evaluation. The centers up for final evaluation have been funded for a total of ten years, divided into two periods of five years or for centers established through the 7th application round periods of six and four years.

Please refer to the Centers of Excellence for further information on the Center of Excellence funding instrument

The review

The reviewing panel consists of three peer reviewers with a high level of expertise within the research fields and activities of the center. Each reviewer will write an individual review, in English, 5-10 pages in length.

The review should address the quality of the center’s research and research activities in general, as well as a number of more specific questions as stated in the Terms of Reference.

The evaluation material

The evaluation material is composed of:

  • Self-evaluation of the center
  • Appendices to the self-evaluation
  • Current research plan
  • Center summary and keywords
  • 10-15 representative publications


The DNRF offers an honorarium of DKK 3.000 (approximately US $450) for your assistance. In order for us to transfer the honorarium, we need your date of birth (for the Danish tax authorities) and information about your bank (name and address of bank, IBAN account number, and BIC/SWIFT-address).