Evaluation and Monitoring

The center grant is constituted by two periods of respectively six and four years. A midterm evaluation is conducted after five years and a final evaluation is made after 9 years.

Follow-up meetings are held annually with each center and centers are asked to submit annual reports.

Mid-term evaluation

The DNRF conducts a mid-term evaluation of each center after five years. Centers will be asked to submit a self-evaluation and an application for a second funding period. An international review panel will evaluate the center, and the review process will include a site visit to the center by the panel.

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Final evaluations

A final evaluation of the center is carried out after nine years.

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Follow-up meetings

The foundation takes a keen interest in the development of the centers and visits each one annually at follow-up meetings. This set-up provides an opportunity to give advice or make adjustments if things go awry. The annual meetings also provide an opportunity, both for the foundation and for the centers, to learn more about the funding mechanism and how it can best be organized.

Annual reports

In order to systematically collect information on the progress of each center – and the CoE funding mechanism as such — the DNRF asks the centers to submit information annually on a number of key indicators, including, among others, publications, dissemination of research, outreach activities, educational activities, external relations, and organizational development.