Annual meeting 2010

Internationalization – how and why?

The DNRF held its annual meeting on Friday, October 29, in the DGI-Byen conference center; 80 participants attended. This year’s topic was internationalization, and all DNRF grant holders were invited, as were representatives from private foundations, councils, and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The DNRF wanted to bring up internationalization for discussion among the grant holders – with external inputs – to get their ideas on the best ways to support the internationalization of excellent research. The benefits and challenges of internationalization were discussed, but participants also addressed the issue of how we can become even better at strengthening internationalization, presupposing that it would also improve the quality of research.

Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Charlotte Sahl-Madsen opened the meeting, and Deputy Director General Anneli Pauli, from the European Commission’s Research Directorate General, was the international keynote speaker.

It was a priority this year to let the DNRF grant holders have ample opportunity to meet one another and share experiences both formally and informally. Thus, the different kinds of DNRF funding mechanisms were represented in the program. Among others, Center Leader Marie-Louise Nosch, Project Leader Nils Brünner, and Niels Bohr Visiting Professor Hassan Aref presented their experiences with internationalization as research leaders. The meeting concluded with a panel discussion summarizing important points of the day and putting them in a wider perspective. Five DNRF grant holders participated along with David Stonner, head of the National Science Foundation Europe Office in Paris.

It was an exciting and interesting day, with many Danish and international experiences brought into play. It also gave the DNRF many good ideas on how to continue to support the internationalization of Danish research.

Presentations and photos from the annual meeting


Anneli Pauli’s presentation

Nils Brünners presentation

Marie-Louise Nosch’s presentation

Hassan Aref’s presentation

Thomas Sinkjærs presentation

Photos from the workshop

Photos from the annual meeting

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