SPOC have been awarded large Horizon Prize in the field of Optical Transmission technologies

gimage-pngResearchers from Centre for Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications (SPOC) have been awarded the prestigous Horizon Prize of 500.000 Euro for technology which enables optic data transmissioin with ultra high capacity and large energy- and cost savings. Senior researcher Hao Hu is seen in the photo reveiving the award.

untitledCenter leader Leif Oxenløwe says:
”Receiving this award or even being able to submit the proposal, was only possible due to the large and flexible grant from the Danish National Research foundation for Centre for Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications (SPOC). The DNRF grant has made it possible to gather the threads and a group of researchers so that we were suddenly able to see the big picture at a time were we have the financial and interlectual “muscles” to act on the posibilities.”

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