Does music affect memory? Large scale test of Danish school kids will give the answer

fullsizer-002A new national experiment with school kids will for the first time shed light on if and how having an ear for music is related to having good general learning memory.

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Music in the Brain has developed the test on the basis of previous studies on adults.

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“We have developed this hypothesis on the basis of previous studies on much smaler groups of adults where it turned out that the ability to hold on to and process information is better in musicians than in non-musicians”, says center leader and professor Peter Vuust.

The hypothesis is that if you are good at rhythmics and melody, you are also good at remembering numbers. The hypothesis will now be tested on 30.000 Children and teens from grade zero to third year of highschool around Denmark.

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The previous studies have been published in journals Elsevier and Psychology of Music and can been read here og here.