Reception for outgoing director Thomas Sinkjær and new DNRF director Søren-Peter Olesen

Carlsberg Academy formed a beautiful setting for the reception for the outgoing director professor Thomas Sinkjær and the new director professor Søren-Peter Olesen.

On behalf of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation professor Liselotte Højgaard, DNRF chair, expressed her warm gratitude to Thomas Sinkjær for his immeasurable effort as the DNRF director over the past nine years. Højgaard also warmly welcomed new DNRF director Søren-Peter Olesen, and on behalf of the board she expressed her delight with Søren-Peter Olesen acceptance of the position as the new director.

After a warm welcome to Søren-Peter Olesen, DNRF vice director Mogens Klostergaard Jensen subjected Thomas Sinkjær to a final evaluation of his period as the DNRF director. Fortunately – not least for the Foundation – Sinkjær was highly rated on all of the evaluation criteria.

In his speech Thomas Sinkjær conveyed three important messages. Firstly, we shall continue to trust in the researchers and give the necessary freedom to carry out the best research within their fields. Secondly, transparency in the foundation’s work is crucial. And finally, the foundation’s independence must be maintained.

Having only been in the position as DNRF director for a few weeks, Søren-Peter Olesen was able to confirme that transparency and consistency are in fact characteristics of the foundation’s work. He told about his own experience; that the DNRF is the same whether you see it from the outside as a center leader or from the inside as a director.