How does legumes tell helpful and harmful invading bacteria apart?

An international team of researchers from Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signaling (CARB) at Aarhus University has discovered how legumes are able to tell helpful and harmful invading bacteria apart. The research has implications for improving the understanding of how other plants, animals and humans interact with bacteria in their environment and defend themselves against hostile infections. These findings can have profound implications for both agricultural research and medical science.

The results have now been published in Nature

The Director of CARB, Professor Jens Stougaard, says “Now that we have identified this key mechanism that allows a host organism to distinguish friendly bacteria from those that cause disease, this opens up exciting new research avenues across a number of fields”.

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Part of the research team behind the new findings (from left): Yasuyuki CARBKawaharada, Simon Kelly, Maria Vinther, Mette H. Asmussen og Jens Stougaard (Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen, Aarhus Universitet)