Opening of the Stemphys center with center leader Lene Oddershede June 15, 2015

The opening of Center for Stem Cell Decision Making (StemPhys) at University of Copenhagenwas celebrated Monday, June 15, 2015.

Many colleagues from both Denmark and abroad joined the opening to congratulate center leader Lene Oddershede with the 60 MDKK grant for the DNRF Center for Stem Cell Decision Making – StemPhys.

The center is located at University of Copenhagen. In a collaboration between physicists at the Niels Bohr Institute and stem cell biologists at the Panum Institute the StemPhys center will investigate how to understand and control the development of stem cells.

The opening offered a number of talks including the opening talk by DNRF Chair, Professor Liselotte Højgaard, who congratulated Lene Oddershede with the new center desrribing the research as highly original and truely interdisciplinary. Højgaard expects the collaboration between the two groups to create breakthrough science within the stem cell research. Other talks were delivered by:

Dean of Health, Ulla Wewer, Dean of Science John Renner Hansen, NBI Department Head Robert Feidenhans’l, Center Leader Lene Oddershede, Vice-center Leader Joshua Brickman, Professor Arthur Lander, University of California.