Opening of Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) with center leader Peter Vuust

The opening of Center for Music in the Brain on June 5th offered both world class research and ditto music. Professor and musician Peter Vuust will be heading the center’s research on how music affects the brain. In order to shed light on the mechanisms at play, Vuust and his team of researchers are going to scan both musicians and non musicians’ brains while they listen to music. This way we will learn about how listening to music affects the development of brain activity, and maybe we will get answers to question like why we feel an impuls to move to music, and why we enjoy music.

See feature about the center from TV-Avisen
This knowledge can be useful in different clinical contexts, e.g. in pain relief, and it may also prove relevant in relation to Parkinsons, ADHD and autism as preliminary results suggest.

The guests at the opening got a unique opportunity to experience how music affects emotion when listening to excellent musicians like Vuust, Lars Jansson, Paul Svanberg and an entire cello ensemble.

Speakers at the opening


Musik mellem ørerne

Vuust i P1 morgen

Et nyt center skal forske i ”musik i hjernen”

DJM bag nyt hjerneforskningscenter

The music