Opening of Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP) March 25, 2015

The opening of the new DNRF Center of Excellence CNAP at Aalborg University was celebrated Wednesday March 25.

CNAP is established on the basis of a 60 MDKK grant from the Danish National Research Foundation and Center Leader Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen will be heading the reserach in human neuroplasticity and pain.

CNAP will apply a biomedicalengineering approach where new advanced pain provocation and probing platforms will be discovered and applied to reveal novel aspects of the human pain neuroplasticity. The hope is that the research will lead to improved pain treatment. One in five suffers from cronic pain and thus results from CNAP has the potential to improve life quality for a large group of people.

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Speakers at the opening

The center opening was characterized by enthusiastic talks by Chair of the DNRF board, Professor Liselotte Højgaard, Rector at Aalborg University Per Michael Johansen, Center Leader and Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Professor Brian Cairns, Professor Herta Flor and Professor Morten Kringelbach. Assistant Professor Thorvaldur Skuli Palsson kindly made himself available as guinea pig.

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Enter the lab via DRP4 (kl. 8.10)

The receptionen

The atmosphere was cheerful at the reception hosted by Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP) and Aalborg University.