Opening of Center for Autophagy, Recycling and Disease (CARD)

The opening of the new DNRF center CARD at the Danish Cancer Society was celebrated March 11, 2015.

Professor Marja Jäättelä is going to head the frontline research which will give us new knowledge on cancer cell’s strengths and weaknesses. The hope is, that the new knowledge will lead to improved cancer treatment.

“If we can uncover the cancer cell’s strengths, we will also be able to unveil its weaknesses. In this way the research will contribute to develop new and more effective treatments which can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells in the process”, says Professor Marja Jäättelä from the Danish Cancer Society.

See more via the Danish Cancer Society (in Danish)

With the 50 million grant from the DNRF Marja Jäättelä will be able to develop a neglected field in cancer research. She and her team of researchers are going to investigate how fat behave in the cell membrane. Together with the knowledge we already have on cell’s proteins and genes the center’s focus on the behavior of fat will contribute significantly to basic research in autophargy. Autophargy can prevent the development of cancer in healthy calls, but unfortunately autophargy also helps cancer cells to stay alive. With increased knowledge on the processes behind autophargy the center hopes to reach significant progress in the fight against cancer.

Speakers at the opening

At the opening Chair of the DNRF, Professor Liselotte Højgaard, Director of the Danish Cancer Society Leif Vestergaard Pedersen, Vice-Center Leader CARD Francesco Cecconi, Center Leader Marja Jäättelä and Director of the Danish Cancer Society Research Center Jørgen H. Olsen congratulated CARD Center Leader Marja Jäättelä with the center and wished her and her winning hand of top-researchers at the center the best of luck.

Artistic intermezzo

In between the opening talks and the recpetion Olga Magieres accompanied Henrik Nordbrandt’s poetry reading.

The reception