Opening of the DNRF Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) March 9th 2015

The opening of the DNRF Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) was celebrated on March 9th 2015.

Chromosomal instability is the underlying cause for many human diseases and agening. The center aims to develop new preventative or therapeutic strategies for combating human diseases associated with chromosomal instability.

Among the guests at the well-attended opening were board members from the DNRF, dean Ulla Wewer and scientist from both Denmark and abroad.


In her opening speach dean Ulla Wewer described the new center as the beginning of a new powerhouse. A powerhouse where a gifted group of scientists headed by a highly competent and visionary center leader have set out to solve some of the most important research questions within the field of agening. Professor and Chair of the DNRF board LiseLotte Højgaard congratulated center leader Ian Hickson with the center and said that the foundation is looking forward to follow the center’s success. Chair of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine Ole William Petersen also welcomed the center warmly.

Professor Lene Juel Rasmussen taked abot how the CSS will stregthen aging research and center leader Ian Hickson introducerede the center’s vision. Professor Jan Hoeijmakers was invited as keynote speaker to talk about the overwhelming importance of genome stability for sustained health. Dr. Eva Hoffmann rounded of with a description of the correlation between chromosome instability and infertility in women.

The reception

There was a cosy atmosphere at the reception where the guests had a chance to get better acquainted.