Opening of PERSIMUNE February 4th 2015

Rigshospitalet with center leader Jens Lundgren opened Center for Personalized Medicine Managing Infectious Complications in Immune Deficiency (PERSIMUNE) with a view of Parken in Copenhagen.

The claim on the tribune “Make a diffenrence ” (Danish: Gør en forskel) is consistent with the center’s ambitions for the next 6 years. “we’re taking research in immune deficiency to the next level,” says center leader Jens Lundgren, who will work hard to understand the unresolved patterns behind immune deficiencies using Big Data and gene technology.

Jens Lundgren has an excellent team of researchers with him on this project, and all the patiens of Rigshospitalet as research platform.

The PERSIMUNE center has the potential to make a difference to a huge group of patients and the difference is very concrete: “I want my patients to live longer, that’s what my research is all about”, says Jens Lundgren.

Speakers at the opening

Chair of the DNRF, professor Liselotte Højgaard was the first speaker at the opening of the PERSIMUNE center followed by chief medical officer Jannik Hilsted, Capital Region Council’s Karin Friis Bach and dean Ulla Wewer. Jens Lundgren introduced to the center’s research and presented scientists affiliated with the center: Magnus Fontes, Amanda Mocroft, Henrik Sengeløv, Andreas Rostved, Isabelle Lodding, Alvaro Borges og Jens-Ulrik Jensen

The reception