The Gender Gap in Research – The DNRF’s annual meeting 2014

The DNRF held its annual meeting November 7 with the theme The Gender Gap in Research.

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This year’s theme was decided in the light of recommendations from the international panel which evaluated the DNRF in 2013. The panel recommended that the foundation launches initiatives to improve the skewed gender balance at director and senior level at the DNRF Centers of Excellence. Taking this recommendation very seriously the foundation put the skewed gender balance on the agenda at its annual follow-up meetings in order to elucidate the problem at the centers and the research community at large. The foundation has collected comments and recommentations from the Centers in the brochure Getting all Talents in Play.

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Chair and professor Liselotte Højgaard opened the annual meeting with a presentation of the facts about the gender imbalance in reserach.

See slides from the Chair’s talk here

Speakers at the annual meeting, center leader and professor Dorthe Berntsen, center leader and Professor Jens Hjorth, post-doc Emma Hammarlund, post-doc Bjørn Pedersen, Professor Bente Rosenbeck and keynote speaker Professor Londa Schiebinger each suggested how to address and fix ‘The Gender Gap in Research’.

See slides from the talks here

Director and Professor Thomas Sinkjær introduced the annual meeting’s panel members and was moderator during the following debate.

From the left: rector Ralf Hemmingsen, director Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen, chair of the danish Council for Independent Research Peter Munk Christiansen, center leader and professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, professor og precident Royal Academy of Science and Letters Kirsten Hastrup og chair of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation PolicyJens Oddershede.

At the annual meeting the twelve new center leaders, with whom the foundation is currently negotiating contracts, were introduced.De 12 ledere af nye Centers of Excellence

Presentation of the new Centers of Excellence