Board member and professor, dr. phil Birgitte Possing receives Danish Author’s Society’s Non-fiction Prize 2014

On November 21, the Danish Authors’ Society’s group of non-fiction authors will award this year’s Non-fiction Prize for the 41st time. The prize of DKK 60,000, funded by the Danish Agency for Culture, was awarded for the first time in 1973 and is given to writers who communicate complicated material to a wide audience. Professor and doctor of philosophy Birgitte Possing will be awarded the prize for her writing, which shows how biographies of politicians, intellectuals, cultural characters, and rebels from both genders reflect our way of thinking about the cultural history of different countries. With her special focus on the biographies of women, she has helped to bring to light the lives of several women, creating for them a well-grounded place in history.

The awards ceremony will take place at a reception at the Danish Authors’ Society, Strandgade 6, 1401 Copenhagen K, Friday, November 21, from 16-18.