Minister for Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen speaks highly of the Danish National Research Foundation in article about the capital injection of DKK 3 billion

In her article 3 milliarder kr. til muldjord og nybrud from Dansk Biotek the Minister emphasizes the Danish National Research Foundation’s major significance in the research community.

Appreciating that groundbreaking research requires time, patience and resources, the Minister outlines the government’s research political priorities with reference to a quote by the Danish Nobel Prize Winner Jens Christian Skou:”… the society which prioritize basic research highly will be the society which in the end will profit the most from its research efforts.”

The minister herself states that: “Basic research is the nourishing soil out of which the sciences’ new productive technologies and discoveries should grow.

The Danish National Research Foundation shares the Minister’s view on the great value of basic research. We are delighted about the decision to give the capital injection of DKK 3 billion which will ensure that the foundation for some time into the future can continue to create optimal framework for ground breaking research by investing in the best scientists with the most original ideas.

Read the Minister’s article from from Dansk Biotek here