Improved medicin, pest control and environment?

If we want to achieve these results, strengthened coorperation between the food, health- and environment sectors and an overall joint strategy to solve problems of resistance in agriculture and health, chronic disease like cancer and diabetes and loss of biodiversity is neccesary. This is established by Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate in a new study which shows that the current management of the problems lack a long term perspective and that it for this reason could cause more harm than good to society.

The above mentioned problems are all caused either by unwanted spieces’ rapid adaption to new surroundings or the inability of many valued species to adapt quickly enough. “In this context evolutionary biology provides two perspectives. Firstly with historical knowledge of species’ ablility to adapt, secondly with knowledge on how we can expect different species to react to changes in the environment in the future” says biologist Peter Søgaard Jørgensen who is PhD at the Danasih National Research Foundation’s Center for Makroecology, Evolution and Climate at University of Copenhagen and one of the main authors behind the study which is published online in Science. Peter Jørgensen will also present his research at the Sustainability Science congress in Copenhagen, October 22-24 2014.

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