Professor, MD, Bengt Saltin has passed away

Bengt Saltin headed an internationally highly respected research center in human physiology. From 1993-2003 he was leader of the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. Drive, commitment and inclusion were important recruitment criteria in Saltin’s center where talents from Denmark and abroad gave the center an impressive interdisciplinary and multi-faceted profile which is still exemplary today.

Through his work towards understanding how skeletal muscles affect man’s function and health Bengt Saltin reached ground breaking results for research in exercise, health and disease prevention. The results generated by the center constitute key health policy platforms in both Denmark and abroad.

Bengt Saltin has received a large number of prestigious prizes and awards for his research contributions, including the Novo Nordisk Prize in 1999 and the IOC Olypmic Prize on Sports Sciences in 2002.

Bengt Saltin peacefully passed away in a hospice in Stockholm Friday September 12th 2014.

Honour his memory.