Breakthrough prize to researcher from Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces

The newly established Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics 2014 is awarded to Professor Maxim Kontsevich, for numerous contributions in pure mathematics.

Kontsevich works at IHÉS, Paris and is a part of Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces (QGM) at Aarhus University.

The Breakthrough Prize is the most lucrative academic prize in the world (US$3 million per winner), established by The Milner Foundation in 2014. Further Maxim Kontsevich is to participate in the Selection Committee to award the prize in 2015.

In 2012 Maxim Kontsevich was also awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Physics (then called the Fundamental Physics Prize), which makes him the first ever to have received both these lucrative prizes. The two prizes are given for separate scientific achievements by Maxim Kontsevich.

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