Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard awarded Carlsberg Foundations Research Prize

Center leader at The Danish National Research Foundation’s Stellar Astrophysics Centre and professor at University of Aarhus, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, has been awarded The Carlsberg Foundations Research Prize within natural sciences. The award is presented after nomination by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and was offered on September 17.

In the motivation it is stated that Christensen-Dalsgaard is a leading personality in international research within stellar astrophysics, the study of their structure and development including the relation between stars’ abilities and the specific abilities of planets orbiting the stars.

It is highlighted that Christensen-Dalsgaard has contributed significantly to NASA’s Kepler Mission, which goal it is to find earthlike and habitable planets around adjacent stars. Furthermore, he is involved with NASA’s coming planetary mission TESS.

The award is accompanied by 1 million Danish kroner of which 250.000 is a personal accolade and the remaining 750.000 is support for a research project.

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