News 2013

17. December 2013

Prestigious EU Grant awarded to Center for Ice and Climate

ERC Synergy grant to Center for Ice and Climate.

17. December 2013

Breakthrough of the Year goes to the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory

Niels Bohr Professor Subir Sarkar is part of IceCube that has been awarded by “Physics World”.

17. December 2013

Niels Bohr Professor Subir Sarkar and Discovery Center scientist Jason Koskinen publish in Science

Niels Bohr Professor Subir Sarkar and Discovery Center scientist Jason Koskinen publish in Science.

4. December 2013

Liselotte Højgaard chairman of new EU research advisory group

Liselotte Højgaard chairman of new EU research advisory group.

4. December 2013

Monster gamma-ray burst in our cosmic neighbourhood

DARK researcher is co-author on Science article.

29. November 2013

Researchers from DTU have developed a new material for environmentally friendly production of hydrogen peroxide

CINF makes the cover of Nature Materials

29. November 2013

Proteins suppress useless gene activity in human cells

Researchers from Centre for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism publishing in Nature SMB.

22. November 2013

Ancient Siberian genome reveals genetic origins of Native Americans

Researchers from Center for GeoGenetics publish in Nature.

22. November 2013

Bacteria recycle broken DNA

Researchers from Center for GeoGenetics publish in PNAS.

18. November 2013

Plant scientists win Innovation Award

Barbara Ann Halkier from DynaMo awarded the University of Copenhagen Innovation Award 2013.

14. November 2013

New call for NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide 2014

New call for NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide 2014.

5. November 2013

Elephant painted by Rembrandt designated the type specimen for its species

Researchers from Center for GeoGenetics publish in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

5. November 2013

Darach Watson receives Lundbeck Research Prize

Darach Watson has been awarded the Lundbeck Foundation Research Prize for Young Scientists.

22. October 2013

Member of the board professor Svend Erik Larsen has been elected to the Board of Trustees of the Academia Europaea

Svend Erik Larsen elected to international board.

22. October 2013

Astroparticle physics group in the Discovery Center at the Niels Bohr Institute joins the IceCube collaboration

The Discovery Center becomes full member of the IceCube experiment.

22. October 2013

Disorderly planetary system challenges the theories

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard from Stellar Astrophysics Centre at AU publishes in Science.

22. October 2013

Professor David Lando receives the Nykredit Research Prize 2013

The Nykredit Research Prize goes to Professor David Lando for his research on credit risk.

21. October 2013

Professor Minik Rosing receives the Rosenkjær Prize 2013

Professor Minik Rosing receives the Rosenkjær Prize 2013.

27. September 2013

Life started 700 million years earlier than previously assumed

Life started 700 million years earlier than previously assumed.

27. September 2013

Torben Heick Jensen awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Center leader Torben Heick Jensen awarded an Advanced Grant from The European Research Council.

27. September 2013

Uphill for the trees of the world

Scientists from Madalgo publishing in Nature Communications.

23. September 2013

New research describes the structure of vital pump

PUMPkin scientists show how the sodium potassium pump changes appearance.

23. September 2013

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard awarded Carlsberg Foundations Research Prize

DNRF-researcher receives prestigious award for research in stellar astrophysics.

26. August 2013

Researchers at the Center for Quantum Devices publish in Nature Physics

Observation of a “Wigner molecule” in a carbon nanotube.

22. August 2013

Discovery of bacteria explains the reason for fewer algae

NordCEE research explains high nitrogen metabolism in the sea.

9. August 2013

Small adrenal tumors cause high blood pressure

Scientists from Pumpkin publishing in Nature Genetics.

7. August 2013

Gamma ray burst reveals giant cosmic collision

Center leader Jens Hjort from Dark finds traces from cosmic collision. Findings published in Nature.

2. August 2013

Kim Guldstrand Larsen receives CAV Award 2013

DNRF-researcher receives award for excellent research in real-time systems.

2. August 2013

Research from CENPERM leads to improved climate models

Research from CENPERM leads to improved climate models.

30. July 2013

Chimpanzee memory similar to human memory

New research from Center on Autobiographical Memory Research shows that apes remember longer.

16. July 2013

New research explains how human gene promoters become directional

New knowledge about the human genes

27. June 2013

A 700.000 year old horse gets its genome sequenced

New world record in DNA research by scientists at Center for GeoGenetics – The research results are now published in Nature.

26. June 2013

ERC grant for research on the origin of life

NordCEE postdoc receives ERC Starting Grant.

21. June 2013

Think bigger, GBIF award winner urges biologists

Award to biologist at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate.

21. June 2013

Professor Uffe Haagerup has received an honorary doctorate

Professor Uffe Haagerup from Center for Symmetry and Deformation has received an honorary doctorate.

11. June 2013

Basic Science at the Faculty of Law, Year One

By Professor Mikael Rask Madsen, Center Leader for iCourts Receiving a DNRF grant to establish a Center of excellence (CoE) brings both a unique opportunity and challenge. It provides the means for taking one’s research to a whole new level – but only if the right infrastructure is rapidly developed. Traditional barriers in research – […]

10. June 2013

Bo Barker Jørgensen receives prestigious award by Aarhus University

Center leader receives the Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsens Award.

4. June 2013

Sven Erik Larsen new member of Hercules

Board member Sven Erik Larsen elected for European expert group.

4. June 2013

SAC research published in Nature

The theory about how stars end their life needs to be revised.

31. May 2013

Center for Kvantegeometri of Moduli Spaces and Tsinghua University, China start collaboration

Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces and chinese top university sign collaboration agreement.

30. April 2013

Center leader Christine Stabell Benn appointed professor

Center leader for Research Center for Vitamins and Vaccines is appointed professor in Global Health at Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark.

24. April 2013

”Fundamentals of Geobiology” receives prestigous American award

Book from Nordic Center for Earth Evolution conveys geobiology brilliantly.

23. April 2013

Analyses from the bottom of the sea document highly efficient bacteria

Researchers from Nordic Center for Earth Evolution publish research results from the deepest oceanic trench on Earth.

23. April 2013

Nano-research receives honors in China

Danish-Chinese Center for Molecular Nano-Electronics receives honors in China.

5. April 2013

Danish researchers from Center for Geomicrobiology reveal how some of the world’s most abundant organisms play a key role in carbon cycling in the seabed

Center for Geomicrobiology is once again publishing ground breaking results in Nature

15. March 2013

Energy from the interior of the Earth supports life in a global ecosystem

New groundbreaking results from Center for Geomicrobiology is published in Science.

14. March 2013

PUMPKIN and its spin-off company ‘Pcovery’ pave the way for research in new heart medicine

Results by researchers from PUMPKIN could lead to new possibilities for focused research in heart medicine. The results are published in Nature.

4. March 2013

Journal of Structural Biology’s ’Paper of the year’ award goes to researchers from PUMPKIN

PUMPKIN research promoted in prestigious journals.

21. February 2013

The tiniest planet discovered to date

Researchers from the Stellar Astrophysics Centre are part of an international research team that have discovered the – to date – tiniest planet.

19. February 2013

The Eliteforsk Conference 2013

The DNRF Niels Bohr Professors was honored at the Eliteforsk Conference 2013.

12. February 2013

Prestigiuos grant aimes at strengthening the cooperation in the field of ancient history and textile research

Center leader Marie-Louise Nosch receives prestigiuos prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

30. January 2013

The French Order of Chivalry has been awarded to DNRF researchers

DNRF researchers awarded with the prestigious French Order of Chivalry.

30. January 2013

Center for Nanostructured Graphene is part of new, great Graphene Flagship

DNRF Center is part of new Graphene Flagship.

29. January 2013

Greenland ice cores reveal warm climate of the past

Researchers from Center for Ice and Climate publish in Nature.

24. January 2013

L’Oreal grant ‘For Women in Science’ goes to Eline Lorenzen

Eline Lorenzen from Center for GeoGenetics receives the grant ‘For Women in Science’.

21. January 2013

Professor Flemming Besenbacher receives the highest honor in People’s Republic of China in science and technology

Professor Flemming Besenbacher, leader of a Danish-Chinese Research Center for Self-Assembly and Function of Molecular Nanostructures on Surfaces is awarded by the state president of China.

16. January 2013

Center leader Carsten Rahbek appointed President-elect

Center leader Carsten Rahbek from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEG) is appointed President-Elect for The International Biogeography Society.

8. January 2013

Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen from Center for Ice and Climate is awarded the Berlingske Foundation Award of Honour

Center leader Dorthe Dahl-Jensen receives Berlingske Foundation Award of Honour.

8. January 2013

Wallace’s century-old map of natural world updated

Researchers from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate publish in Science Express.