Professor Carsten Rahbek discussing the importance of interaction between science and politics

As the Danish EU presidency begins, Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, University of Copenhagen will co-arrange and host two workshops preceding the formation of UN’s Panel for Biodiversity IPBES – Intergovernmental Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Pro-rector Thomas Bjørnholm opened the workshop and welcomed the 85 participants to the University of Copenhagen. Afterwards the Minister of Environment Ida Auken gave a peptalk encouraging the scientists and decision makers to draw up an ambitious work program for the UN Biodiversity panel. Scientists from CMEC that works with biodiversity on a daily basis are primus motor in arranging and participating in the workshops and hereby contributing to reinforce the cooperation between the research environment and the politicians. This is the only way to counter the decline in species and save our ecosystems, says Ida Auken in her speech and she also invited the working program to be as simple, clear and precise as possible in order to prepare politicians and decision makers to make the important and right decisions.

In the workshop ’dinner-talk’ leader of CMEC Carsten Rahbek emphasized that scientist both can and want to deliver the knowledge requested by the politicians, and also drew attention to examples where science is changing the general opinion on ex how climate and biodiversity interact.

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